Audit Search

Audit Search

Audit Feature Introduction

The “Audit” feature serves to keep a record of changes that are made to business processes. This is ideal for companies who need records of change requests that are approved, and details of when they were completed, in case they are ever audited themselves.

The “Audit” feature can be manually turned on for business processes as needed, and when the feature is active, the details are recorded in an application database table.

Audit columns are added to tables to track the type of change, the user who made the change, the application that made the change, and the qualified job name where the change originated.

Audit Search Page

When setting up the business process, there is a checkbox for “Audit” on the form. This can also be updated by editing an existing business process.

The “Business Process Home” page with the “Edit” icon circled

Selecting the “Edit” icon on the “Business Process Home” page will open the “Edit Business Process” widget where the “Audit” checkbox can be found.

Edit Business Process

Every time someone goes through the workflow of the business process that has the audit turned on it will store audit info for the workflow step on the audit database table: BP_Properties_AuditData.

The audit search is a tool that will help the user go through audit of when certain events occurred in the workflow. This page can be used as a lookup service when certain logs need to be compared with the audit data.

Audit search page

The “Audit Search” page lists a table displaying the audit records. At the top of the table are a collection of filters that allow the user to narrow down the table of records.

The available filters are:

  • Show: This determines the number of results per page.
  • Filter: This is an open ended filter to search based on provided search text.
  • Business Process: This will help filter out a particular business process. The dropdown will list all the business processes in the application.
  • Form: This will help filter by a particular form. The dropdown will  list all the forms in the application