User Groups

User Groups

User Groups

The “User Groups” page hosts a dropdown list of existing business processes. Once a business process is chosen a table is generated displaying any existing user groups by displaying the  “Group Name” and “Description”, as well as “Edit Group”, “Users” and “Delete” action buttons. There is also an option to “Add New Group” above the table.

The “User Groups” page for the “VendorOnboarding” process, with on user group “AdminGroup”

User groups are a feature used to group similar users together, allowing them to have certain authorizations or accesses as a group rather than as individuals.

For example, if a business process involves a form with multiple groups such as “Marketing” and “Warehouse”, where different types of users will be filling in different parts of the form, it may be useful to create user groups. A “Marketing” group would contain all the users that would be able to fill out or approve the “Marketing” part of the form.

The “Edit Group” button will allow the user to change the “Group Name” or “Description”, and the “Delete” button will allow the user to remove the group.

The “Users” action button will forward the user to the “Group Users” page, where users can be added to the group.

The “Group Users” page for the “AdminGroup” user group

A “User ID” dropdown is used to select and add users to the group. Users can also be removed from the group using the “Remove” button.