UDC Page

The “UDC” page contains the current JDE “User Defined Codes”. A UDC type is made up of a code type, which is its two-character name, and a description. Defining UDC codes helps avoid hard coding by defining custom code types.

UDC data is maintained in JDE, and can be viewed and downloaded using this page in the application.

UDC page

The “UDC” page displays a table of all UDC values and above the table is a header containing the following page controls:

  • Cache UDC Checkbox: When checked, this page will cache the values from the JDE F004 & F005 table into the Connector_Base database in a table of the same name.
  • Download All Button: This button will fire a batch job (named:”ImportUDCs”) to download all the data from JDE to the Cache table.
  • JDE Batch Job: This is a hyperlink to the JDE - Batch Job Page.
  • Search: This field allows the user to search over UDC data.