JDE Orchestration

This page was created to provide a way to quickly test Orchestrations setup within the JDE instance. The page will auto-fetch the input format for the selected orchestration. Then the user can enter all the inputs and run the orchestration to see the output.

Users can imagine Orchestrations to be a fairly complex set of operations, coded to execute one after the other in an automated manner. Eg. to do data entry or data retrieval. These orchestrations will accept a set of inputs in a set format as defined by the developer at the time of creating the orchestration.

It will also return a set of defined outputs. This can either be the data requested by the user or true/false in the sense of a success flag for the operations that were performed. For developers, orchestrations can be imagined to work exactly like APIs.

The “Orchestrations” page used to test the “AddressBookInquiry” orchestration when given the input values: “4242”, “1”, and “K001”. The output values returned are “Alpha Name” and “Capital Systems Inc”.

The page contains the following controls to perform these orchestration tests:

  • Connection Instance: Select the JDE connection instance in which the required orchestration is set up.
  • Orchestration: This is a list of all the orchestrations under the selected instance.
  • Input: This is the fetched valid input format for the selected orchestration. The user can edit the inputs into the input and run.
  • Output: This is the output from the run orchestration with the input on the left.