JDE Batch Jobs

JDE Batch Jobs

What are Batch Jobs?

Batch jobs are methods that can be configured to run on a schedule. They run outside of user interactions and thus are not initiated by button clicks or page loads unless a StartBatchJob service is utilized to manually start them.

Batch jobs also run without the context of a user session. This means that in combination with the StartBatchJob service, logic can be configured to run as a background task instead of forcing a user to wait for the logic to complete before being able to perform another action.

For example: If a user clicks a button triggering an action that can take several minutes to run (like generating a PDF and emailing it to a specific email address), the portal will wait for the logic to finish before accepting any additional user actions or forwarding the user to the next page.

Rather than making the user wait for that action to be completed, the logic can be moved into a batch job that is started by a StartBatchJob service triggered by the button click instead.

This way, the PDF can be generated and emailed in the background while the user continues to utilize the application.  

This can also be useful in situations where a batch job needs to be started manually.
Example scenarios:

  • A time-sensitive batch job needs to be triggered as part of a user’s workflow and thus cannot be scheduled to run at the same time every day or every week.
  • A batch job is regularly scheduled to run overnight but an immediate need needs it to run before the end of the day (like maybe an error occurred during the scheduled time frame and needs to be rerun ASAP).

JDE Batch Jobs Page

This page will display all the batch jobs that have been set up in the connector app. The “JDE Batch Jobs” page in the No-Code Platform allows the user to see which batch jobs run in this application, and details on when they do.

JDE Batch Jobs page

The page displays a table of the batch jobs and includes the following page controls:

  • Current time: This will display the current time on the page.
  • Running Batch Jobs: This will display a sublist of all the currently running batch jobs.
  • Refresh: This button will refresh the page.
  • Search: The button will run a search on ‘Name’ over the batch job list.
  • Enabled: This works like a filter over the Enabled/disabled status on the batch job list.
  • Paging: Use to show less/more batch jobs per page.