Validator Use Examples

Quantity Validation with a Summary Box

The validator with a summary box is used when error messages should be displayed in one central place instead of attached to each individual field that is triggering the error.


The validation section of the validator should have SupressIndividualMessages set to Yes and the ValidationGroup set to a keyword that will be used to group the other fields together. This keyword will be used in the fields that need validation or trigger the validation. The ShowMessageBox property must be set to yes in order for the errors to display in the popup window.


The button must have CausesValidation set to Yes and the ValidationGroup will be the keyword that was used in the validator. This sets up the button to trigger the validation of any field with the same keyword.


The fields that require validation also need the keyword in the EPValidationGroup property. Now the same keyword is grouping all the necessary fields together. Multiple fields that need validation can be grouped under the same keyword even if they are not validating using the same criteria. The grouping is just used so the button triggers the validation of all grouped fields at once. The ErrorMessage property is the error message that will be displayed if the data entered into the field does not match the regular expression. The ValidationExpression is a regular expression pattern that the data entered into the field must match. The ValidatorDisplay should be set to none otherwise an error message will appear next to each field as the error occurs.