Using SCM

Using SCM

Using Source Control Management (SCM)

If all the environments of the promotion path are already set up, to view the promotion path in EEM, navigate to SCM under the “Team Development” menu.

This will open a screen with 3 panels. The left panel should display the computers attached and the associated EASYProcess Applications. The middle panel will display the promotion path tree. Each level of this can be clicked on and in the right panel will show the webpart, processes, webpages, etc. that are currently checked out for changes and are sitting in that environment awaiting approval to move to the next step on its way to production.

Checking Out Sources

Each source you would need to make changes to for development should ask if the source you have opened should be checked out or opened in “Read Only” mode. If you wish to check out the source, the developer will have to pick an existing Project or create a new one.

SCM compiles all changes into projects. So if the change requested (issue fix or feature) requires multiple webparts or processes, those can be grouped into projects and moved through the promotion path together. This ensures that a feature will not be unstable for the few minutes it takes the developer to promote all the associated webparts and processes. An unstable feature could result if half the feature was promoted at 12:00 and the other half was promoted at 12:30. Any testers using the site during that time would receive unexpected behavior.

Once a source is checked out, it is checked out in the DV environment by the developer who requested it. No one else can open it to make changes without unassigning it from that developer.

Remember to give your SCM Project a proper description. Although it is preferable to promote projects through the promotion path quickly, if the project sits in a test environment for a few weeks or months by the time you come back to it, the description will let you and others know what changes were made and why.

Promoting Projects

While in SCM, you can progress sources from their current location in the promotion path to the next environment. To do so, select all the sources you wish to promote and click the “Promote” button on the right. Select multiple sources at once using the Shift or Ctrl keys.

Each source selected will have its whole project promoted. In the example above, only one WebPart was selected, but the user will be prompted to promote all sources in its project.

Undo Checkout

When viewing sources in the promotion path, you can select sources you wish to perform the “Undo Checkout” action against. This removes the sources from the promotion path and replaces that source in all environments with a copy from the PD environment. This returns the sources to their last stable version before the changes were made.

Change Developer

From SCM, sources can have their developer changed. While checked out by “Developer 1”, all other developers will receive a message that “Developer 1” has this source checked out. Only the developer it is assigned to may make changes to the source.

In order to make changes to the source, you must first reassign it to yourself. You can do this in SCM by selecting the sources in the promotion path and clicking “Change Developer”. Clicking this button will prompt you to select the developer you would like to reassign the source to.

Change Project

In SCM you can select sources and move them from their current project to another project currently in the promotion path. One of the reasons you would want to do this is if you have two active projects in development and find that one of them needs a source from the other. If the two projects are planned to be released to the Production environment at different times, it is important to move all needed sources to the project that will be entering production first.