Run Query

Run Query

How to Use Run Query Tool

The Run Query Tool has 3 input fields that must be properly filled in in order to properly use the tool. Those fields are: Db Type, Connection String, and Query String.

The Db Type and and Connection String should be filled out by using the Config. Settings widget on the right side of your screen. In the Config Settings you can select the Database you would like to query and then you can drag and drop the Db Type and Connection string for that database into the corresponding input fields.


Once you have entered the Db Type and Connection String, you can begin writing the actual query in the Query String field. Note that you must drag and drop the DbName config from the same database config and preface the table name with it. Also, the output of the columns is in random order and will not match the order of your select statement.

Finally, here are a few things to note about running multiple queries:

  1. You can run multiple queries in the query box.
  2. If you select a particular query and select run or press F5 it will run the selected query.
  3. If you do not select a query and run it, it will always run first in the query box.
  4. If you select a query and run it, it will keep the query selected.
  5. If you select a query and press query builder, you can edit this selected query.