GetRequestsInQueue Overview

GetRequestsInQueue is used to get all uncompleted requests that a specific user is responsible for. This is useful since you can just use this service to get the requests automatically instead of writing your query manually.

GetRequestsInQueue service takes UserId as input. System will find all requests whose owner falls into the following situation

  • If owner type is *User, input UserId equals to OwnerId.
  • If owner type is *Role, input UserId is one of the users in the role.
  • If owner type is *UserProperty, input UserId has the same value as OwnerPropertyValue in EPUsers table.
  • Input UserId is a delegation for the request owner.

All the inputs of GetRequestsInQueue service is the criteria to find the unique workflow request Id.

If you have any questions about request owners. Please refer to Workflow document and AssignOwner service document for further explanation.