AssignOwner Overview

AssignOwner is a dynamic way to set the owner of the request. This is useful and important since it’s the only service that maintains EP_Workflow_Request_Owners table, which is for user access control to any workflow request.

You can use the AssignOwner service in any type of processes. However, it’s highly recommended that you use it in a workflow StatusArrival process, since it’s the first thing the system runs after a workflow status change, such as approving or rejecting a request, which leads to an owner change.

There are 3 types of owner type you can choose - *User, *Role and *UserProperty.

  • *User: This will set the owner to a specific user.
  • *Role: This will set the owner to a specific role. It must be one of the roles you added in the workflow settings. All the users you added for that role are the owner of the request.
  • *UserProperty: This will set the owner to all users that meets your criteria - Column Name = Value. Column Name must be in EPUsers table and stored in OwnerId field. Value will be stored in OwnerPropertyValue field.

Once the workflow is completed, the owner record will be deleted automatically from EP_Workflow_Request_Owners table.

If you have any question about EASYProcess workflow, please refer to the Workflow document for further explanation.