Merge Overview

In EASYProcess, all output logs are displayed in XML (screenshot provided). The entire output for a single process canvas is contained in the WorkData node. This is the outermost node and all services that run in the process canvas are its children nodes.

Merge can be used to copy the data from one node onto another. In order to do so, a matching key (child node) must be specified from both the node that will receive the data (Node1) and the node that will provide the data (Node2). The data in the keys must match exactly (case sensitive).

We can use queries to get data from a database, but if the data we want exists in two different databases, the information cannot be retrieved with a single service. In this case, we would need two services and then the data we would want, would be divided among two nodes in the xml output.

If we wanted to take the data from one node and give it to the other, a merge service could be used. In the screenshot, there is one query called “Book” which returns all the books (2 results). There is another service called “GetAuthors”, which has returned 2 books and their authors. If we wanted Node1 (Book) to have Title, Year, and Author below it, here is how we would configure the Merge Service and what the output would look like: