SetRowSelection Overview

Use SetRowSelection to select/unselect certain rows in a list section or select/unselect all rows in the list section. This service can only be used for list sections and the sections RowSelection property must be set to ‘Single’ or ‘Multiple’. If using SelectAll, RowSelection must be set to ‘Multiple’.

SetRowSelection Use Examples

SetRowSelection Example 1

Use SetRowSelection to select/deselect all rows.

In this webapart we have a list of order and want to select all orders.

The Select Button has the SetRowSelection service in it with the above setup.

After the button runs the section now looks like the image below. All Rows are selected in the list section.

If all or some rows were selected and you wanted to deselect them it would be the same setup but now SelectAll would be ‘False’.

SetRowSelection Example 2

Select only a single or few rows in the list section.

With the setup below the first, third, and fifth rows are going to be selected.


To deselect certain rows set Checked to ‘False’.