GetSectionProperties Overview

The GetSectionProperties service is used to get the value of any property from any section that is on the webpart canvas. This is useful because it gives you access to section property values in a process canvas and you can develop logic based off of these property values. Especially in the case where a property value is being set dynamically by a datasource.

GetSectionProperties Use Example

In this example, we are going to look at the Items in Cart section on the Checkout page. In this section we display the items that are in the cart.

The section that the cart  is displayed in is collapsable, which means that the user can select the section description/plus icon to toggle the section to collapse or select the section description/minus icon be displayed.

In this section, we have an onload process that is getting the section property of Collapse At Start. The section is set to be collapsed at the start depending on how many items are in the cart. If the Collapse At Start property is set to true, then we update the description of the section to say Items In Cart - Expand. This way it is clear to the user that they can select the icon to view the cart.

In the logs below, you can see that GetSectionProperties returned a value of Yes for the CollapseAtStart property. This causes the “Collapse At Start ?” binary decision will return a value of true.

Therefore, we update the section description to Items In Cart - Expand. This tells the user that clicking the button will expand this section.