Replace Overview

Replace is a service that allows the user to choose a character or a set of characters in an expression and replace those with a new character or set of characters. The Replace service will take three inputs. The first being the InputString, which is the sentence or expression that will get parts of it replaced. The other two inputs are OldValue and NewValue, which denote which “old” character/s are going to be replaced with which “new” character/s.

Replace could be used when there is a company wide name change for a product or process. This way all the database entries can be changed and updated as required. If the phrase to be replaced is not present in the original string then the input remains untouched.

Another common use for Replace in EASYProcess is to replace the space character with an empty string. This removes all space characters from the input string.

Important: Keep in mind the replace service is case sensitive. This means if the OldValue is in lower case, then only the lower case instances of OldValue will be replaced in the InputString.