Inquire Overview

The Inquire Entity service works very similar to a Select sql statement. The way it works is that you enter an Entity Type and create a filter to filter. The entity object records that match the entity type and filters will be returned with all of their properties and values. This service is very similar to the databases Inquire service.

Inquire Use Case

In this example, we are going to be looking at the Shopping Cart. The Inquire service is used in this example to get the shopping cart nickname and determine if the user’s current cart is a saved cart or not. If the users cart is saved, we display the below label circled in red.

Below is part of the process datasource where the Inquire service (GetShoppingCartHeader) runs to get the Cart Header Nickname, and then depending if the Nickname is blank or not sets the values for the Shopping Cart Nickname labels and visibility.

You can see below the inputs for the Inquire service and what the logs look like for this service.