Delete Overview

The delete service is used to delete an entity object. This service works similar to a sql delete statement. When using this service, just pass the entityId of the entity object record you would like deleted. This will delete the entity object record and it will also delete the sql table record from the table associated with the entity type.

If you had multiple records that needed to be deleted, you may choose to use a Database Delete service because you could specify multiple records to be deleted at once using the “IN” operator in the WHERE clause.

Delete Use Example

In the message center you are able to add an attachment to a message. In this example, we are going to delete an attachment that has been added to a message. Below you can see we have an attachment named documentationtest that has been added to the message. This attachment is an entity object record with an entity type of messagecenterattachments. The red X is a button with a button process that runs the Delete service.

The below process is the button process that runs when the red X is selected. The Delete service runs first and deletes the entity object record and the record from the sql table that is associated with the messagecenterattachments entity type. After the delete service runs, we delete the saved file from the directory it was initially saved too.