Copy Overview

The Copy service creates a duplicate record of the entity object record that is passed as input to the service. The only difference between the original record and the resulting record is that the Copy service will generate a new unique EntityId for the resulting duplicate record.

Copy Use Case

In this example, we are going to be looking at the My Lists page on EASYCommerce. This page allows users to create lists of items that they can use to reference later or add to cart later. Today we are going to be looking at the Duplicate link button process. When the Duplicate button link is selected, it will create a duplicate record of the List and its list items.

This process runs an inquire query to get the original list header details. We then use these details to run the Copy service and create a duplicate of the original List header. Finally, this process loops on the original list list items and adds the same items to the newly duplicated list.

Below is the Copy service node. Here you can see we are getting input values from the GetOldList service and ECList EntityType.

Below are the logs that are generated from this button process running.

Finally, you can see that the Documentation Test list has been duplicated.