Encrypt Overview

The Encrypt service is useful to encrypting data such as passwords and query strings so they are not intercepted even when they are visible to the user. The encrypt service takes the text to encrypt and the encryption key with which to encrypt. It uses symmetric encryption which is designed to allow anyone with access to the encryption key to decrypt and obtain the original input value. Since the users do not have the encryption key used to encrypt the text, it remains hidden.

Encrypt Use Examples

Basic Use Example

In this example we have a form with User Id and Password fields, and the submit button has a process which uses the service “Encrypt” to encrypt the Password.

The Encrypt service takes two inputs: Password and Text

“Text” is the text that we would like to encrypt, and “Password” is the encryption key we would like to give. Here’s a closer look at inputs of the Encrypt service in our example.


Notice that we can leave “password” blank to use the default encryption key. The output is an encrypted string. This is valuable if we are saving the value in a cookie or in a database. It is good practice to not have unencrypted passwords anywhere as it is not secure.