SendWebPartEmail Overview

The service “SendWebPartEmail” is used to send webpart as an email to a single or multiple recipients with customizable title and body using our own SMTP configurations. This service also allows us to add other important email related features such as cc, bcc, attachments, set priority, and etc.

SendWebPartEmail Basic Use Example

Under the “Email Services”, expand “SendWebPartEmail”. You will see “Default” option with saved email configurations. These will be populated based on the existing instances under the “SendEmail” configuration in the configuration variables.

Drag over the Default option to the Process Canvas. This will create a “SendWebPartEmail” Service on the Process Canvas. Grab one of the connector nodes from the “Start” service and connect it to your newly added “SendWebPartEmail”. Now double click the service to configure it.

Since we dragged the Default from a saved SendEmail Configuration, some inputs are already filled out with variables pointing to the option we selected.

Here are some important points to note while filling out other inputs:

Adding Filters

Any Filters we send using the “Filters” input are passed as query strings to the WebPart. We can right click on the “Filters” input to add filters. Here is an example of filters:

Adding Attachments

Using the “Attachments” input we can also include attachment(s) in the email we are sending. The “Attachments” input node takes File path as an input. If we would like to include multiple attachments, file paths have to be semicolon separated.


TestMode and TestEmailId

TestMode and TestEmailId instances are saved under “SendEmail” saved configuration. If the TestMode is set to True, “SendEmail” ignores “To” email address(es) and uses email address(es) passed to “TestEmailId” input.