Subtract Overview

The subtract service is helpful to find the amount of time between two dates. This can be a great tool because when dealing with dates, there are certain outliers which can’t easily be accounted for unequal number of days in months, leap years, etc). Thinking of it simply, it performs the following equation: [ToDate]-[FromDate]=[Difference].

Subtract Use Examples

Basic Use Example

In this example, we are going to look at hardcoded values. During an actual use of this service, it will be with two variables from other process canvas services, but for this case we will look at the year of 2016. This was a leap year, so it is a good example to show how the service handles those date outliers.


The totals also tell us how many minutes, hours, seconds, etc were in that time period.

If we were going to use variables, it could look something like this:

The values we are actually using are 12/17/2018 (GetCurrentDateTime) and 12/17/2017 (OneYearAgo). Here is what that output looks like: