GetWebsiteProperties Overview

GetWebsiteProperties is used to get various property values related to the website that may be useful when building/referencing a file path or Url. These property values come from the EPInstallation.config file, and any changes made to it will not be reflected in the output of GetWebsiteProperties until after closing and reopening EASYProcess.

GetWebsiteProperties Use Examples

Generating a Custom Url

In this example we are generating a Reset Password link to send to a user. The link will need to start with the default Url of the site, which is something the GetWebsiteProperties service can provide.


The process above starts by generating a token for the user that will be included later in the query string of the Url.  An Inquire on the EP_Site_Urls table is then run, looking for the Url of the site. Below that GetWebsiteProperties is run, also with the purpose of getting the Url of the site. The idea here is that if the Inquire does not return a result, then the Url should be able to be found using GetWebsiteProperties.  A query string is then created using the UserId and token generated earlier, before putting all of the pieces together in the final Evaluate service shown below.


The initial part of the Url uses an xsl choose element. If the Inquire returned a result, then the beginning of the Url will come from that. But if no result was found, then the Url node of GetWebsiteProperties will be used instead.