Name Value Collection

Name Value Collection

Name Value Collection Overview

Name Value Collection (NVC) is the user defined code (UDC) in EASYProcess. A NVC is made up of three parts. The first part is the name, which is the text for a specific NVC type. The second part is the code, which consists of the characters that you enter in a field. The third part is the description, which is text that describes what the code means. For example, in a employee self service application, you can set the name to LeaveType, code to ‘V’ and description to Vacation.

Name Value Collection is very useful when you want to only store the code in your table and display the description on your web page. Instead of building the logic to retrieve the description yourself, you can just use name value collection to do the value transformation.

Manage Name Value Collection

The following is the screen to manage all name value collections in the application. You can access this page under Entity Management -> Name Value Collection in EASYProcess

In the Add/Edit Selected section, you can add a new Name Value by typing in values in the text boxes. You can also update or delete a selected Name Value. All the Name Values in the application will be displayed in the list.

Name Value Collection Use Example

Data Source for a List field

This is one way to use Name Value Collection. For a list field in a web part, you can select the List Source as NameValue and select the Name Value type you want to display in the Name Value drop down list.

Value Transformation

Another way to use Name Value Collection is in the Value Transformations. The following screen show an example. When you set the text value to a Label field, you can go to the third tab, which is the Value Transformation. In the Rule dropdown, you can select Convert to/from Name Value description. Then select the Name Value type you want to use in Formula dropdown. Then it will automatically display the description on you web page when the value of the Label matches the code in your Name value Collection.