JDE BSFN Server Folders

JDE BSFN Server Folders

JDE Business Function (BSFN) Server Folders

The JDE Business Function (BSFN) Server picks up the BSFN requests made by the EASYProcess Application and calls JDE. It then receives the response and gives it to the process that made the request which can then be used to give that information back to the user on the site who requested it.


Files necessary for the BSFN server to run are in the JDEBSFN folder. This contains the actual JDEBSFNServer file which is running when the BSFN server is running. This folder also contains other files needed, but none of these should be needed unless the BSFN Server is upgraded or during the initial install.

The BSFN Server logs are also contained in a logfiles folder here.

JDEBSFN_JDEJarFiles Folder

In order for the BSFN server to run, the jar files from the client’s JDE server are needed. The client’s JDE Jar files are located in their Classes directory. There are more folders in there, but we don't need anything deeper. The client should just be able to go to the Classes directory, sort by type and copy all jar files. These copies are provided to K-Rise and placed in this folder. They should only need to be changed when JDE is upgraded or during the initial install.

JDEBSFN Logfiles Folder

Within the JDEBSFN folder is another logfiles folder. This will contain the JDE BSFN logs which display all the input and output XML of each BSFN request made and response received.