Application Server Folders

Application Server Folders

App Server Folders

The Application Server folders store files that will be used from the application server side as opposed to the Web Server.

Since EASYProcess is installed and runs on the Application Server, any files necessary to run EASYProcess need to be stored here. When EASYProcess is upgraded, these are the files that are replaced with newer versions.

Any time a file is available for download from the site, it comes from the Web Server and is saved in a folder on that server which a link is pointing to. However, if the file is going to be attached in an email, it can be saved locally, where EASYProcess is running, on the App Server. When images are shown on the website, such as the site logo, this file usually exists on the web server. However if you are going to use the image to generate HTML and then use that HTML elsewhere such as generating a PDF, the image could be saved to the Application Server.

Other tools also used by EASYProcess will need to be running where EASYProcess runs. The files necessary for those tools will be saved to the Application Server. An example of some of these tools are Solr, EEM, or the JDE BSFN Server.

Toolset Folder

The Toolset contains dlls and other files essential to the core functionality of EASYProcess. The Toolset folder contains files essential to the functionality of EASYProcess and shouldn’t be touched by developers under normal circumstances.

When EASYProcess is upgraded, among other things, the files in the toolset are upgraded. If you notice, when you go to the “About EASYProcess” section, the version of EASYProcess refers to the Toolset version.

This folder also contains toolset logs in a folder called “LogFiles” which are backend EASYProcess logs.

LogFiles Folder

The LogFiles folder exists within the Toolset folder. Text file logs are written to this folder when Debug or Trace level of logging is turned on for an entity or the application.

The Debug and Trace level logs will often not be used, but if the lower levels (which write logs to a database table and can be viewed from within EASYProcess) are not helpful in troubleshooting, the text files can provide more detailed information.

Solr Folder

Solr is an enterprise search platform, which is utilized by EASYProcess to quickly perform searches that would be take longer and be less efficient if performed only against the SQL database. All files relating to Solr are contained in this folder and should only need to be changed when upgrading Solr or during the initial install.