Filtering and Searching Order History

Filtering and Searching Order History

Customer Side of Find and Track Orders

Navigate to “FindAndTrackOrders” under “Inquiry”

All orders for the logged in user will be listed ten at a time. The data is populated from JDE Sales Management Tables F4201 and F42019 The list can be filtered down by Order Number, Order Status, Purchase Order Number, Item Number, Requested Date (From - To), and Credit Status.

Clicking the Order Number or Order Details links will bring the user to the “ECOrderDetails” page. Here information about the order will be displayed. Billing/Shipping Address, Items Ordered, Shipping, and a Summary will be shown. This information is gathered from JDE Tables 4201, F0101, F4211, F42119t1, F554210, F03B11.

Clicking on Payment will bring up the EASYPay payment pad to pay for the order.

Clicking on Change will link to the “ChangeOrder” page where Items can be added/removed from the order, the quantity of an item, shipping method, notes, and references can be changed.

List of All Orders Admin Panel

Navigate to “List of All Unders” under “Order Management”. The admin can see all orders placed. Where as individual customers can only see orders that they have placed. The only difference is there is no longer an option to Reorder.

Manage Order Status Codes (Setting status logic in admin panel)

Login as admin and navigate to “Manage Order Status Rule Engine” under “Order Management”. Select Rule Type (Header Rule or Detail Rule). Current Rules will then be shown. This information is saved in the K-Rise Order Status Table. Here the admin can can give more meaning to the status codes that JDE returns for orders.

A rule can be edited by clicking on Edit or a new rule can be added by clicking Add New. This will cause a box to pop up. Edit/Add Logic Index, Display Index, Rule Type, Active, Name, Allow Change Order, and Logic. Once finished click save.

To delete the rule click Delete.

Developer Notes

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