Saved Carts

Saved Carts

Saved Carts Overview

Saved Carts allows the user to save the items in their cart for later. This is very similar to the “My Lists” functionality and could be achieved with the “My Lists” feature, but the Saved Carts is faster and simpler.

On the shopping cart page, the user has the option to save their cart for later. They only need to give it a name and it is saved. The user is then given a new empty cart. To retrieve the old cart, the user can go to “My Saved Carts” and choose the cart to be their active one again. This makes it the cart seen when clicking on the shopping cart icon and it is no longer available in the saved carts list. To add it back to this list, the user must save it again.

Once a cart is chosen from the “My Saved Carts” screen and is once again active, it is not saved or maintained by this feature and when the user checks out with it, the cart is gone. If your site will use configured or kit items, this feature will save the user selections as well.

My Saved Carts

The “My Saved Carts” page allows the user to view all the carts that they previously saved. These are saved until the user either chooses it or deletes it.

The Saved Carts are stored in the same tables used to manage the “My Lists” feature. This is because both features center around storing a list of items and information about those items. The “Header” table has a column of “Type” which is used to distinguish between My Saved Carts and My Lists.

The following is the full list of My Saved Carts K-Rise Application Database tables:

  1. [EC_List] (WHERE Type = “Cart”)
  2. [EC_List_Items]
  3. [EC_List_Item_Segments]
  4. [EC_List_KitComponents]

There is a corresponding list table for each Shopping Cart Item table to be able to save the user selections for Kit and Configured items.

Saving a Cart

Saving a cart is done from the Shopping Cart Page. A link below the shopping cart opens a window where the user needs to only type a nickname and click a button.

Saving a cart performs the following actions:

  1. Converts all items in the current cart into records in the table designated for Saved Carts
  2. Once the cart items are saved, empty the shopping cart
  3. Reload the shopping cart page so the user is now viewing their empty shopping cart
  4. If the user navigates to the “My Saved Carts” page, the saved cart will appear.

Choosing a Cart

If a cart is chosen your current shopping cart will be cleared and the saved cart will be returned as the “Active” cart. This means it is no longer available in the “My Saved Carts” list. To return it to the “My Saved Carts” list, the user must save it again from the shopping cart page.

If the user has items in their current cart when they “Choose” a saved cart, they will be warned of the lost items:

The action of Choosing a Cart performs the following actions against the K-Rise Application Database:

  1. Delete all records in the [EC_ShoppingCart] table for the user’s current cart (WHERE CartId=[CurrentCartId])
  2. Find all item records in the [EC_List] table for the user’s saved cart (WHERE Type= “Cart” AND ListId=[ListId Of Saved Cart])
  3. Add all of the items from the saved cart to the user’s current cart via the Universal Cart Change EASYProcess Process PRC-10000423.
  4. If Successful, delete the saved cart. This performs the same actions as “Deleting a Saved Cart”.

Deleting a Saved Cart

If the user no longer wishes to keep the Saved Cart, it can be deleted. A Saved Cart is kept until it is either chosen or deleted and both actions clear out all records related to the saved cart:

  1. [EC_List]
  2. [EC_List_Items]
  3. [EC_List_Item_Segments]
  4. [EC_List_KitComponents]

When deleting the cart, the user is asked if they really wish to perform the action. This is to prevent accidental deletion of carts. If a saved cart is deleted, there is no way to retrieve the records.