Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart

How Carts are Considered Abandoned

There is a batch job called “AbandonCart” which can be run from the “Work with Batch Jobs” page under “Site Management” from the admin panel.

The batch process goes through the K-Rise table for shopping carts (EC_ShoppingCart_Header). It finds all the carts that have items in them and the last added item was added more that the set number of days for a cart to be considered abandoned which is set by the admin. The process will then send out an email to the owners of the carts reminding them of the items that are in their cart.

Specify Number of Days to be Considered Abandoned


The number of days to be considered abandoned is stored in a configuration variable and can be edited in the Feature Configurator through the Admin panel. To edit this, log in as admin and navigate to “Feature Configurator” under “Site Management”. Find and click on the configuration “ShoppingCart” to open all the variables and find “AbandonCartDays”. Enter a numeric value in this text box to specify the number of days to be considered abandoned.

Developer Notes

K-Rise Tables


Configuration Variables



PRC-10000530 Email Abandoned Cart


WPT-10001263 AbandonedCartEmail