Business Process User Guide

Business Process User Guide

This document will explain the concept of a “Business Process (BP)” in the context of our EASYProcess No-Code Platform. The documents will explain the steps in creating a business process, using an example “Vendor On-Boarding (VOB)”, a MDM (Master Data Management) process.

You are not expected to actually create the business process when reviewing the user guide,  you will do that when viewing the training documents. Use these documents to learn about the concept of Business Processes.

The No-Code platform implements easy designer tools like drag and drop UI and connecting inputs and outputs. These tools allow the application to be used by business users/analysts without needing a programming background. However, you are expected to understand the business process, the concept of data in a business process and how data integrates with JDE.

The No-Code platform relies on Orchestrator, JDE BSFN, JDE Data Queries to fetch, update and create data in JDE.

  • If you have access to Orchestrator, then you can fully develop a business process with full integration to JDE without any coding.
  • If your IT must create Orchestrator for you, then you will need their help to create Orchestrator and then use it inside No-Code to complete your project.
  • If you will need JDE BSFN or JDE Data Queries, then you will need IT help to develop functions using our low-code platform before completing your integration to JDE.

After gaining an understanding of the business process, use our Training Guide to create a few business processes yourself in our training environment.

Revision History



Revised By

Revision Notes

9/18/2023 - 9/22/2023

198 - 223

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • The visibility of the usage textbox has been hidden in the Edit MDM Process.
  • Form fields when exposed now use field name as title not field id.
  • Added a category dropdown and category to list to the MDM Process page.
  • Updated documentation for MDM Process page to reflect changes.

9/25/2023 - 9/29/2023

224 - 230

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Added the Label and Hyperlink options to the form property editor.
  • Updated documentation to reflect form designer changes.

10/2/2023 - 10/6/2023

231 - 236

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Email Templates have been added to Processes with a new section in MDMProcessHome. They can be added, edited, and deleted from this page.
  • Implemented a design data canvas to manage MDM entities.
  • Added indexes to the Data Designer tables and made a few minor changes to the canvas.
  • Documentation for MDMProcessHome and design data canvas has been updated

10/9/2023 - 10/13/2023

237 - 243

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • The Entity Actions category inside MDM Processes have been replaced with Process Entities to allow associating entities directly to the process.
  • Added the "Usage" feature to Form Designer.
  • Added MDMId as an output to the EntityInputOutput service.
  • Implemented a new audit checkbox and an Audit Search page for form properties.
  • Documentation has been updated for form designer and logic canvas. Audit search page has been added to documentation.

10/16/2023 - 10/20/2023

244 - 255

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Implemented action area saving for form actions.
  • Using a Lookup property now filters the widgets shown in the dropdown to widgets. Using the textbox or textarea control type from non-static properties now filters the widgets shown in the dropdown to widgets.
  • Documentation was updated to show form action changes

10/23/2023 - 10/27/2023

256 - 269

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Added a small, colored dot in the top left corner of statuses when they are in a subworkflow. This color corresponds with the task color for the subworkflow.
  • The data designer entity has been updated to be individual entity and entity relation entities. Added new pages to create and modify entities and entity relations.
  • Updated the menu descriptions to include proper spacing.
  • Documentation screenshots were updated to reflect menu descriptions and the change to entity and entity relations.

10/30/2023 - 11/3/2023

270 - 276

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Implemented an audit capability at the property level for requests on forms. These audit records can be filtered and searched on in the Audit Search page in the No Code IDE
  • Added Audit feature and Audit search into documentation.

11/6/2023 - 11/10/2023

277 - 281

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Renamed references from MDM to Business Process and BP internally and on the No Code IDE.
  • The form services will now show updated Outputs when new properties are added to the form.
  • The documentation was updated to reflect the change from MDM to Business processes.

11/13/2023 -


282 - 288

Molly Dunn (11/20/2023)

  • Added a widget on the form status to attach an email template to it,
  • Added a help icon in the No Code IDE to navigate users to the EPDocs and is based on what IDE page they are on.
  • Updated documentation to show the form status and help icon additions.

11/20/2023 - 12/01/2023

289 - 294

Molly Dunn


  • Updated screenshots to reflect changes on the Process Canvas.

12/04/2023 - 12/15/2023

295 - 305

Molly Dunn


  • Updated images and descriptions to capture the logic canvas changes
  • Updated images to incorporate hand icons that have been added
  • Updated documentation to incorporate the “Validation” addition
  • Updated images to include new Workflow Status Connection Context Menu
  • Updated documentation to include Action Area
  • Updated to include Field Actions on the workflow canvas
  • Minor data designer changes
  • Updated all images to show the environment switcher icon that has been added

12/18/2023 - 12/22/2023

306 - 312

Molly Dunn (12/26/2023)

  • Updated to add a new widget that shows form selection, field selection, and event selection from the Field Action statuses.
  • Updated to include form subgroup changes.

12/25/2023 - 12/29/2023

313 - 316

Molly Dunn (12/29/2023)

  • Updated to include Business Process Logs page and all logs icon updates.
  • Orchestrations page

1/1/2024 - 1/5/2024

317 - 324

Molly Dun (1/3/2024)

  • Entity editor/designer updates
  • Making revisions to the user guide based on notes from cathay’s review

1/8/2024 - 1/19/2024

325 - 329

Molly Dunn


  • Updated images to reflect the change: The @IsCollection property found in recommended output is now hidden in all cases.