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Middle: WebPart Canvas

Middle: WebPart Canvas

The Web Part Canvas is a visual representation of the web part you're creating. Clicking any node in the canvas will populate the node's properties in the property editor.

There are three parts to the WebPart Canvas:

  1. Web Part Editor (Dark Gray background)
  • This is the web part itself. It can contain a combination of sections and fields in any format desired.
  1. Datasource Section (White background)
  • This shows all Datasources attached to the web part. Double clicking a datasource node will open the Data source canvas (which we will learn about later). You can also drag a datasource from this section into the web part to create a list section of fields from that datasource.
  1. WebPart Toolbar (Top of canvas)
  • From here you can perform actions on the web part such as: Build, Rebuild, and Clear Build Data.

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