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Left Panel: Toolbox, Datasource, Entities/Tree View

Toolbox Tab
Datasource Tab
Entities/Tree View Tab

Toolbox Tab

The toolbox contains every element for a web part you will need. You can simply drag and drop anything from this list into a web part.

  • Containers - Sections, List Sections and Tab Sections are three different type of containers you can have in a webpart. A webpart can only contain containers and containers can contain fields. You cannot add web fields directly to a webpart. So every time you design a WebPart, your first task will be to add a container.
  • DataSources can be added to your WebPart as a source of data for certain controls. These can be used to populate fields like a drop-down list or containers like a list section which appears like a grid on the page. Any time data displays on the WebPart, the data must come from a source. While the data could be hard coded to always display the same static text, it will most of the time come from a WebPart Datasource.
  • Web Controls - These are all the fields you wish to contain in your WebPart. These include: RadioButton, Button, CheckBox, List, etc.

DataSource Tab

You can view the DataSources in the current web part here. When you create a new WebPart, this view will be blank, because your WebPart is blank. As you add DataSources, if you look in this tab, you will be able to see it added in this list.

If the DataSource is already set up, The entire DataSource will be represented in a tree view so individual nodes can be dragged onto the WebPart canvas and in a section to create a Web Control.

Creating Web Controls

If the DataSource is already set up, you can drag fields from the DataSource into a WebPart section.

A window will open to ask you to select a particular Web Control (text box, label, etc) and when placed on the canvas, the text/data property of the control will be auto-filled with the node of the DataSource that was chosen.

Creating List Sections

List sections can also be created from a selected DataSource. Drag a complete DataSource node into the WebPart itself.

A window will pop up to prompt the user for the fields and Web Controls to choose.

Entities/Tree View Tab

This is an alternate view of the WebPart Canvas. You can view all of the fields and sections associated with the current web part. When you create a new WebPart, this view will be blank, because your WebPart is blank. As you add sections and fields within those sections, this panel will show a tree view of the entities (Sections, Fields) as they exist in your WebPart. This can be helpful because it might be difficult to see that Fields or Sections exist inside of a container Section. This panel displays it in a tree view, so you can see the hierarchy very easily. You can click a field or section in this list to view it's properties in the right panel of the WebPart Design Page.

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