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Promotion Best Practices

When a project is ready and fully tested, a time should be decided to promote to the PD environment. Depending on how big a change your project is, it may be able to be promoted during business hours without interrupting any user actions. More involved promotions of bigger projects include site downtime and should be accounted for by promoting after certain business hours or during a scheduled downtime window.

To ensure the success of the promoting step, promoting of projects should be done with the promotion checklist to make sure no steps are missed.

Source Promotion Checklist

Source Promotion Checklist

  1. Promote Sources through SCM
  1. Processes
  2. Web Pages
  3. WebParts
  4. Workflows
  5. Configuration Variable Definitions
  1. Build/Generate sources in the environment the sources were promoted to
  2. Turn off logs of all promoted sources in PD
  3. Add WebPage to entity hierarchy under “Menu” if a page must be added to a menu
  4. Add Configuration Variable Values
  5. Database Changes
  1. Tables
  2. Columns
  3. Datatype
  4. Primary Keys
  5. Etc
  1. Entity Changes
  1. Create entity
  2. Sync entity if the associated database table was changed
  3. Restart Enterprise Server Service after all entity changes are complete for it to take effect in EASYProcess
  1. Schedule Tasks
  1. Associate processes to the Windows Task Scheduler
  2. Make any Necessary changes to already associated processes
  1. Move Files
  1. CSS, Javascript, etc.
  1. Increment the EASYProcess Version Number in configuration variables so the Browser does not used cached versions of previously used CSS files.
  1. Templates, Images, Downloads
  1. Restart Enterprise Server Service
  2. Test in the environment the sources were promoted to (In PD, test everything you can without creating orders or editing customer data)

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