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LoadFromFile Overview

LoadFromFile will attempt to read a specified file as an XML document, and (if successful) output a string that represents the valid XML document.  This can be useful for retrieving system XML resources in a standard, valid, and consistent format.

LoadFromFile Use Examples
FileNameThe complete name, extension, and path to a file which contains a valid XML document structure that is to be loaded as an XML document by this service.

XmlDataA string which represents the loaded XML's document element and all children of that element, as derived from the input file.

LoadFromFile Use Examples

Basic LoadFromFile Use

Process Structure

LoadFromFile Service Input

For this example, we have set up the following file, named “test.xml,” in the “C:\EASYProcess” directory on the local machine:

Once run, the process will read the file, and copy its contents into an output node; preserving the XML structure, and wrapping it within the output node.


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