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CreateRequest Overview

CreateRequest is used to create a brand new workflow request. This is useful and important since you must call this service to initiate a workflow. After this has been called, you can call the other workflow services to manage the request.

You must build a workflow before you use CreateRequest service. When the service is called for an existing workflow, it will take care of all the necessary initial setups in EASYProcess workflow system and begin the first status in your workflow. The service will return the workflow request Id once it is finished. You can then use this unique Id in all other workflow services.

CreateRequest Use Examples
EntityIdRequired. This is the Id of the entity you want to create a request for.

EntityTypeRequired. This is the type of the entity that is associated to the workflow.

WorkflowIdRequired. This is the Id of the workflow you want to initiate.

InputsThis is the container for all Input nodes. You can Right-Click to add new Input node.

InputOptional. This is the container node for all input name and values.

NameName of this input.

ValueValue of this input.

NameOptional. User Reserved field in EP_Workflow_Request table.

DescriptionOptional. User Reserved field in EP_Workflow_Request table.

RequestedByRequired. This is the UserId who initiates this workflow request.


WorkflowRequestIdThis is the unique Id for workflow request. You can use this request in all other workflow services.

CreateRequest Use Examples

Basic CreateHistory Use

In this example, we have a button process that calls the CreateRequest Service and initiates the workflow.

In the log, you can see CreateRequest service returns the unique workflow request Id.

In the EP_Workflow_Requests table, you will see this request. CreatedBy, CreatedOn, UpdatedBy and UpdatedOn will be populated automatically with the UserId and current date time.

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