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Connector Overview

Connector is used to have the process canvas organized which is very important while debugging and understanding the process. It accepts no input and cannot be configured. Its only output It takes in many connector arrows from various branches of the process and outputs a single connector arrow. The alternative to this is to have all the arrows either overlap by adding bends (which is visually confusing) or just connect from all the places on the canvas to the one service (which can look messy).

Connector Use Examples

Connector Use Examples

Here is a process example which is using two connectors to organize the connector arrows. This is a process used to add items to the shopping cart. It can encounter many error cases which halt the add to cart process. Each of those binary decisions is checking for a different unique case.

In this example, there are a couple of connectors which span far across the process to reach the output at the end. Whenever the connectors have to span far distances, it is a good idea to use a connector service so that only one line has to stretch across the canvas.

Sometimes when lines overlap, it can be difficult to tell where they are going. This can especially make existing processes more confusing. In this example, I highlighted the arrows which are overlapping or could be made to look cleaner with connector services.

Here the same process is shown with 3 connectors added. This removes the overlapping lines.

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