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GetApplicationProperties Overview

GetApplicationProperties returns information about the application. It takes no inputs and the outputs depend on Application that is running. These outputs come from the EPInstallation.config file, but any changes made to the file will not be reflected in EASYProcess until the application is closed and reopened.

GetApplicationProperties Use Examples
ApplicationRootThe full path to the application root directory in the format of: \EASYProcess\\Applications\\
ApplicationServerThe name or IP Address of the server in which the Enterprise Server service is running.
ApplicationServerPortThe port that the Enterprise Server accepts communication typically from the Web Server.
ApplicationServerTimeoutThe time, in milliseconds, in which a request will stop listening for the response from the application server.
BatchJobNameThe name of the batch job instance that this service was called in. If the service is not called in a batch job, then this will be blank.
ConnectionStringThe DB connection string to the application database.
DatabaseServerThe name or IP address of the database server for the application database.
DatabaseServer DatabaseServerPortThe port used to connect to the database server for the application database.
DatabaseUserNameThe user name used to log into the database server for the application database.
DbNameThe name of the database for the application database.
DbTypeThe type of database for the application database. (MSSQL / OleDb / ODBC / IBM)
DescriptionThe EASYProcess application's description
NameThe EASYProcess application's name
SiteNameThe current evaluated site name based on the URL accessing the site. The typical value for this is "Base" unless you've set up alternate sites in the application and mapped them to different URLs.
UrlThe default Url of the website

GetApplicationProperties Use Examples

Making a Database Inquire

We can use the output of GetApplicationProperties as keys to search some database tables. In the below process, we are using an Inquire service to get the name and status of an attribute, while using the SiteName node of GetApplicationProperties as a key in the query.

This is the Attr1 Inquire service. There are two keys being used here, one of which is the SiteName column in the table being equal to the SiteName output node of GetApplicationProperties

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