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UserDialog Overview

The UserDialog service allows the developer to get input from the user. When the service runs a dialog box will pop up on the screen with the message and buttons that are specified in the service. The process will then wait for the user to select a button and will then output the buttons response. This is useful to perform certain logic based on the users response.

UserDialog Use Examples

By right clicking and click Add new Buttons you can add buttons to the dialog box that will open when the service runs.


The container for a button that will be added to the dialog box when the service runs.


The text that will appear on the button when the dialog box is displayed.


This the value that will be returned if this button is chosen.


The message that will appear on the dialog box.


The response from the selected button will be outputted.

UserDialog Use Example

Get user confirmation before deletion

Here we have some freight cost based on order total. Before a record is deleted we want to get the user to confirm that they want to delete the record to make sure the button was not clicked accidentally. The delete button process is set up as below:


With the UserDialog service set up:

When the delete button is clicked the following dialog will pop up:

The message is displayed up top and the bottoms on the bottom. If Yes is click the service will output Continue if No Cancel. The binary decision will then check the output and either continue or stop the process.

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