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GetFieldValues Use Examples

If a SectionId is specified GetFieldValues will return the values of all the fields in the section.


If fields specified below or the section specified by the SectionId above is a list section and a RowIndex is specified then only the values for the field at that RowIndex will be returned. The RowIndex starts at 0.


Used in conjunction with the section property RowSelection. If SelectedRowsOnly is set to True then only the values of the fields in the rows that have been selected will be returned. If set to False all rows will be returned.


This is the container node that contains all Field nodes. It does not accept any input, but you can Right-Click this node and select "Add new Fields" to add new fields (Field#0, Field#1, etc). Multiple Fields can be added. Each Field below this node will have its value returned when this service runs.


Each Field is a field that you can specify the service to return. If a SectionId is specified above then the fields added must exist in that section. If Fields are specified then only the specified fields will be returned. If a SectionId is specified and no fields are all fields in that section will be returned.


The Name of the field that you want returned.


Optional value if specified will only return the value of the field at the specified row. This RowIndex overrides the RowIndex from above for this field only. Use this if you want to get fields at different RowIndexes.

GetFieldValues Use Examples

Get all fields for selected rows only.


We have a list of order and want to operate on selected rows only.


The select button has a GetFieldValues service with the following setup.

When ran it returns:

Now we have the three selected rows and all the values of the fields for that row and can perform some logic on the information.

In order to narrow down the results to only the fields we want we can change the service to specify fields.

This will now return as:

EP_RowSelect and EP_RowIndex will only be outputted if a SectionId is specified. EP_RowSelect will only be outputted if the section’s RowSelection is not ‘None’. EP_RowIndex will only be outputted if the section is a list section.

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