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ReadFile Overview

The ReadFile service reads all text data in the specified file. If the file has XML data, the XML is loaded as nodes in the service output (use Xslt Copy-Of to select the XML).

ReadFile Use Examples
FileNameThe full path of the file to read. You can also give a network path or a mapped folder path.

WrapOutputHTMLThere are two valid values. True - return the output as HTML. False - return plain text.

DataText data returned as plain text in the 'Data' node.
ReadReturns True/False depending on whether you read the file successfully.

ReadFile Use Example

Basic ReadFile Use

In this example, we use ReadFile to retrieve the entire text message from the target file.

Service returns the text under Data and Read returns ‘True’ since the service runs successfully.

If you set WrapOutputHTML to ‘True’, service will return another output - HTMLWrapped.

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