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EASYProcess Navigation Overview

After opening EASYProcess once the correct Application is selected, you will arrive at the Application Home screen. The Application Home provides a few useful tools to navigate to various important Areas of EASYProcess. On the left-hand side, you have some buttons to take you to some most-used areas of EASYProcess such as Processes, Web Parts, Web Pages, and Configurations. On the right-hand side, you have a screen with your most used items and some data about when you last accessed them.

Webparts have to do with front-end, UI changes. Processes have to do with back-end logic or algorithmic changes. For instance, if I wanted a page with a drop down list and a button to save the user’s selection, the drop down list and the button would be created through a webpart. However, the logic to decide what values populate the drop down and how and what to save from the user’s selection would be done in a process.


Processes resemble a flowchart. This is because it follows the flowchart concept to help visually explain the process and various cases of possible behavior. Processes are used in a variety of locations in EASYProcess. Buttons have a Button Process to determine what happens when the button is clicked. Web Parts have a Process Datasource which usually query a database. The data returned from that page can then be tied to specific fields on a webpart. This will determine what data will display on a page.

Developer Best Practices
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