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EASYProcess Enterprise Server (EES)

The Web Server communicates with the Application Server by sending requests to the Enterprise Server. The Enterprise server is a Windows Service set up on the Application Server. It listens on a designated port for the requests and runs the requested Processes/Web Parts/etc in EASYProcess. This allows EASYProcess to be used and have processes and workflows initiated from user interaction on the website.

The port chosen for the EASYProcess Enterprise Server is chosen at installation and saved in the installation.config file. The ports chosen are recommended to follow this pattern: 45XX for DV, 46XX for QA, 47XX for TR, and 48XX for PD environment.

The Enterprise Server also runs batch jobs (stand alone processes that are not initiated by user interaction on a webpage and can be started on a schedule). Without the Enterprise Server running, EASYProcess will not be able to run.

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