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EASYProcess Enterprise Manager (EEM)

What is EEM?

Each time an instance of EASYProcess is installed, another tool, EASYProcess Enterprise Manager (EEM), is also installed. This manages the different EASYProcess installations. Any computer that can be attached to EEM will display all its installed EASYProcess instances and the Applications for that instance.

EEM Features

EEM has the following uses:

  • View information about the different EASYProcess instances on either the current machine or one that can be accessed through the network.Any computer that can be attached to EEM will display all its installed EASYProcess instances.
  • Opening EASYProcess at the Application level. Any EASYProcess instance shown in EEM will also display its Applications. EASYProcess can be open from the Application level so that EASYProcess will not prompt the user to select an Application.
  • Source Control Management (SCM) uses:
  • View the SCM promotion path
  • Move sources through the promotion path or reassign sources to different developers
  • Undo checkout on sources, reverting the source back to a copy from the Production environment
  • View SCM at a Project level. View sources within each project or promote a project through the promotion path
  • View SCM Revisions. Rollback to prior revisions. Retrieve the Source XML for revisions.
  • Compare two EASYProcess instances to see the sources that differ. The chosen two sources do not need to be part of the same SCM promotion path.
  • Compare two EASYProcess instances to see the entities that differ.
  • Upgrade an instance of EASYProcess given a K-Rise created upgrade file.

EEM Home

If you open from EEM, the home screen will look something like this:

Opening EASYProcess From EEM

This is one of the most useful screens that we will use within EEM because it allows you to view all installations and read information about each install. From here, you can also right-click an environment and click “Start EASYProcess”.

You will notice that in the screenshot, we right-clicked the “EASYCommerce” Application under the “MyOrders_QA” environment. The application and environment names will vary for client to client, so the naming of these may change, but the idea is the same. You could right click the environment level and open EASYProcess from there, but the EASYProcess that opens would then prompt you to select the Application.

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