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GetFiles Overview

The GetFiles service returns all files in the specified directory based on certain search criterea.

GetFiles Use Examples
DirectoryNameThe full path of the directory in which to look for files

SearchPatternThis allows you to filter the returned files by their name. For example, inputting ' Test* ' will only return files that start with ' Test '. The ' * ' symbol is used as a wildcard. If you don't use ' * ', then it searches for the exact match

SearchOptionThere are two valid values. TopDirectoryOnly- Only files in the specified directory may be returned. AllDirectories - All files in the specified directory and all sub directories may be returned.

FileFullNameThe full path of the returned file.
FileLengthThe length(size of the file in bytes) of the returned file.
FileNameThe full name of the returned file.

GetFiles Use Example

Basic GetFiles Use

In this example, we have two files under directory. We run GetFiles service to get all files.

The service returns GetFiles container for each file it finds.

If you want to search for copied files only, you can set the criteria in SearchPattern, like “*Copy*”.

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