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ToUpper Overview

This is a very basis and straightforward function that accepts a string as input and converts all the lowercase characters in the string to uppercase. It leaves all the non alphabet characters like numbers and punctuation untouched.

ToUpper Use Examples
InputStringThe InputString is the expression or sentence that needs all its letter characters to be converted into uppercase letters.

OutputStringWill remain identical to the InputString with the exclusion of all the lowercase letters being switched to uppercase.

ToUpper Use Example

Basic Use Example

In this example, we have set up a webpart to accept the user entered InputString. When the “UpperCase” button is pressed it takes that value and passes it into the ToUpper service. The output of that service is then placed in the OutputString textbox below.

Here is the service configuration:

Here is the output from the ToUpper service in EASYProcess:

Example with Numbers and Special Characters

In this example we are going to pass a string with a variety of types of input values. Here is the service configuration. We are passing in a static string with numbers, special characters, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters.

Here is the output in EASYProcess. As we can see all numbers, special characters, and the already uppercase letters remain unaffected. The lowercase letters are converted to uppercase.

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