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Service Canvas Overview

Service Canvas Overview

This is where you provide input parameters for the opened service.

Some areas of this screen are also available for the Process Canvas (like Configuration Settings), but their use in relation to the Service Canvas is explained below.

To your left, you will find:

Configuration Settings: These are separated into different lists.

Configs → Systems

These are Environment wide variables that can be set up for the system. It is useful for defining a variable used in the system that can easily be changed later. The values of these may change, but the structure of what variables can exist will likely not change.

Configs → Applications

These are the same as the configuration variables for the system, except the structure can easily be changes as well as the values of those variables. If you were creating a process and were referencing a variable in lots of places, but that value could change in the future, you would add one of these configuration variables and reference it for an easy change in the future.

EPUser → Entity

This allows quick access to the current logged in user's EPUser entity properties.


The service designer section in the middle has two major parts:

Service Tree: The second pane of the service designer lists parameters for the selected service that you need to specify so it could run properly. Some of the parameters may have default values filled in and some may not. Some parameters may be required. Some services could accept complex inputs and others could be very simple. Further documentation is available for specific services if it is not clear how it functions or what inputs are needed.

Value Box: The third pane of the service is used to specify a value for the parameter selected above. Value can be typed in, or could be dragged and dropped from Configuration Settings on left or Recommended Values to the right.

To your right, you will find:


Properties that exist for the service. Not all of these are editable, but can be useful in some scenarios.

Recommended Values:

This area displays the projected output nodes from services preceding the selected one on the canvas. It also suggests other relevant values that may be applicable to the selected parameter. Sometimes, depending on the service, it may provide a list of accepted values for the parameter.


This tab is used to view and edit the notes left on services. Once a note exists for a service it displays with a note icon on the Process Canvas to alert future developers that there is a note to read.

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