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1) Before Starting ECC Setup

Before Starting ECC Setup

If you are setting up ECC do these steps then follow the steps in our ECC Setup guide

  • Make sure your version of EASYProcess is at or past the 4675 version
  • go into profile and configurations and find the ECC config and create a Default instance. Then set the following values
  • ECC Mode: True
  • Site Name: Base
  • Archive Message: False
  • Timeout: 30000
  • Setup EP_Sites for the Base site, set ECCMode to True, SiteName needs to be Base, Description needs to be Base, Catalog needs to be your catalog name, everything else can be NULL
  • Check the Web.Config and find the HtmlRuntime node and make sure it has targetFramework=”4.5”
  • If this is not EASYCommerce and does not have the correct webparts for setting up ECC copy the following WebParts and Processes and webpage to allow for setup
  • EASYCloudConnectorClients WebPage
  • WPT-10001286
  • WPT-10001285
  • WPT-10001282
  • WPT-10001283
  • WPT-10000898
  • WPT-10001281
  • PRC-10000605
  • Setup the webpage to be accessible from the admin screen.
  • Copy ECCTemplate and ECCDownloads from an existing ECC installation into the applications Application name folder on the app server
  • Make sure the toolset folder has the zip.exe and the zip utility dlls, if not copy it from an existing ECC installation
  • Follow the ECC Setup guide

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