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Saved Carts

Saved Carts

My Saved Carts

Navigate to “My Saved Carts” under “Place Order” in the menu. Here all the saved carts for a user will be displayed. The nickname, created on date/time, number of lines in the cart, number of items in the cart, an option to switch to that cart, an option to add the items from that cart to the current cart, and an option to delete the cart. In the First column there will be a green arrow next to the current cart.

Clicking on Choose for a cart will change the current cart to that cart. Clicking Add To Current will add the items from that cart to the current cart. Clicking on the red circle with a white x will delete the cart. Clicking on the cart nickname will forward the page to SaveCart  page.

Saved Cart

Here the items of that cart will be listed along with the options Add All Items To Current Cart, Clear Current Cart and Add All Items To Cart, and Add only selected Items to Current Cart. To select an item check the checkbox to that item.

How To Save A Cart

Navigate to the Shopping Cart if items are in the cart there will be Save Cart link under the list of items.

Clicking on this link will bring up a window with a text box. Enter a nickname for the cart in the box and click Save. The cart will now be saved.

Developer Notes

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WPT-10000490 View Saved Carts

WPT-10000828 Save Shopping Cart

WPT-10000968 Saved Cart

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