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Check Price and Availability

Check Price and Availability

Check Price and Availability is used to check the price and availability of individual items. This is done for all different branch plants that stock the item.

Checking the price and availability

When you first navigate to the page, you will only see the two blank text boxes and the “Get Price And Availability” button. You must enter a valid item number or you will see an error message. The quantity field may be left blank. If this is the case, the default will be a quantity of one.

General Item Information

In the top section of the item information that is displayed, you will see a disclaimer that says “Prices may vary based on quantity”. This refers to quantity breaks which are automatically calculated by the JDE Business Function (BSFN) in the EASYProcess pricing process based on the requested quantity.

The prices shown are both the “Retail” price (list price for the item with no discounts applied) and the “Net” price (the customer’s price using advanced pricing). These are the extended prices shown and will be multiplied by the requested quantity. Pricing is retrieved by the EASYProcess Pricing Process (PRC-10000348)

The availability shown is the availability for the currently selected branch plant. If the item is available from multiple branch plants, this will also be shown in the grid below for comparison. Availability is retrieved by the EASYProcess Availability Process (PRC-10000683).

The rest of the information comes from the K-Rise database ([EC_Item_Master]) which is refreshed nightly. The UOM shown is the Primary UOM ([EC_Item_Master].[UOMPrimary]). The description link text comes from [Description].


Summary Availability

The grid at the bottom displays the Branch Plant, Primary UOM, Pricing UOM, Shipping UOM and Availability for each branch plant that stocks the item. The availability comes from the EASYProcess Availability Process PRC-10000683 (which takes an input of AvailabilityMode= “All” in order to return the data for the full grid). All of the UOMs come from their respective columns in [EC_Item_Master].

The “Add to Cart” button in the grid will add that item, in the specific branch plant and quantity entered, to your shopping cart. It will then blank out the text box fields and reset the page.

The icon in the top left corner of the grid is the Download CSV link and can be used to download a csv of the branch plant information that is displayed.

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