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Bulk Order
Bulk Order Pad

Bulk Order (Main Page)

The Bulk Order Main Page is the larger version of the Bulk Order Pad. It is not available in the menu widget and instead has its own designated page.

This is a place where users can quickly type in multiple item numbers at once and add to cart all at once. This feature is intended for quick entry of item numbers so the user does not have to wait for the page to load information about the item once entered.

By default, 10 rows are available for the user to type in an Item Number and Quantity combination. If the user needs help finding a specific Item Number, the magic wand helper icon is available to use the Product Lookup. The second column is used for the quantity of the row’s item number. If no value is entered, it will default to 1.

Not all rows need to be filled out to add to cart. Only the rows with Item Numbers entered will be retrieved and added to the cart.

Product Lookup

When the magic wand helper icon is clicked, the Product Lookup helper opens. This provides users an option to search by Item Number or Description. After finding the desired Item Number, if the user clicks on the Item Number link, the helper will close and the chosen Item Number will be added to the Bulk Order Pad text box.

Bulk Order Pad

The Bulk Order Pad is a widget conveniently located in the menu which has the functionality of the Bulk Order main page plus an extra entry method. A link at the bottom of this widget is also available to forward the user to the Bulk Order Main Page where more rows are available for entry.

There are two ways to enter items into the Bulk Order Pad and add items to the cart. The default, “Line By Line” and is the same as the Bulk Order main page. The added feature of the menu widget is an entry method called “Copy & Paste”.

Line By Line

This is the default option when first opening the bulk order pad. To switch back to this option click on the Line By Line link on the top right of the Bulk Order Pad.

This option will give five lines to enter an item number in the part number text box and a quantity in the Qty text box. Not all lines need to be filled out. Once ready, clicking on the “Add To Cart” button will add the items with their respective quantities to the cart.

Copy & Paste

The other way to add items is through copy and paste. To switch to this entry option, click on the “Copy & Paste” link on the top right of the pad.

With this option, the user can Copy and Paste or Type out one item per line with the Item Number first then either a Tab or a Comma followed by the quantity. There is no limit to the number of lines that can be added at a time. When ready click the Add To Cart button and the items and their respective quantities will be added to the cart.

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