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Item Main Page

If an item in in a group it will appear on the Item Main Page in the tab section labeled Item Groups. The group name will appear and under the name a link to each item in the group will be displayed this link will forward the page to the Item Main Page for that item. Under all items for a group will be a button to add all items to the cart. This button will not add the current item to the cart. It will only add the other items in the group.


Setting up groups

Navigate to “Work With Item Groups” under “Product Management” on the admin home page. Here all existing groups will be displayed with options to view the items in the group, edit the group name and description, and delete the group. There will also be an option to add a new group.

Add a group

Click on the Add Group link. A window will popup. In the top textbox add a name for the group and in the second add a description then click add.

Edit Group

 Click on the Edit Group link. In the window that pops up edit the name and description then click save when finished.

Delete Group

To delete a group click on the Delete link. This will remove all items from the group and delete the group.

View Items

Click on the View Items link will forward the page to the “Work With Item Group Items” page. Here a list of items in the group will be displayed along with an option to delete the item from the group. There is also a section to add an item to the group.

Delete Item

Click on the Delete button. This will remove the item from the group.

Add Item

Click on the Add Item link. This will open up a new section with a textbox and a button.

In the textbox enter an Item Number of an to add it to the group. After entering an item number click the Add button and if the Item Number is a valid item it will be added to the group. To lookup an item up click on the helper wand. This will bring up the product lookup window. Here there is an option to search by Item Number or Description. After finding an Item Number click on the Item Number and it will be added to the text box.

Developer Notes

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WPT-10001268 Item Main Page

WPT-10001318 Edit Item Group

WPT-10001319 View Item Group Items

WPT-10001320 Work With Item Groups


PRC-10000662 REST API: Add Group To Cart

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