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Shipping/Freight Options


Customer Side

There are eight different Shipping/Freight Options that can be used for an order. Each will cause the checkout page to look slightly different.


There will be a drop down to choose the Shipping Method in the Shipping Address section. The amount will be shown in the Summary as Freight Amount.

Freight Table

There will be no drop down. Just the Freight Amount will be shown in the Summary box. It will pull this data from the freight table that the admin has set up based on order total.

EC Carrier Codes / JDE Carrier Codes / JDE Customer Carrier Codes

There will be no Freight Amount in the Summary box. A drop down will be in the Shipping Address section that contains carriers. If EC Carrier Codes is selected it will get predetermined carrier codes that have been set up in the name value collection. For both JDE Carrier Codes JDE Tables F4906 and F0101 will be queried to get carrier codes. JDE Customer Carrier Codes will also query F40333 in order to only get carrier codes based on the particular customer that is logged in. The carrier code will be added to the order.

Freight Handling Codes

There will be no Freight Amount in the Summary box. A drop down will be in the Shipping Address section that contains Freight Options. To populate the drown down the freight table will be used. It will get the freight codes that the admin has set up based on the amount in the cart. The freight code will be added to the order.


If None is selected then there will be no drop down in the Shipping Address section and no Freight Amount in the Summary box.

Changing Shipping Method and Freight Template

The Shipping Method Type and Freight Template can be edited in the Feature Configurator through the Admin panel. To edit this, log in as admin and navigate to “Feature Configurator” under “Site Management”. Find and click on the configuration “ShippingMethods” to open all the variables and find “ShippingMethod” and pick a value from the drop down or find “FreightTemplateName” and enter the name of the template to be used.

Work with Freight Template Admin Panel

Login as admin and navigate to “Work With Freight Template” under “Order Management” Here you can view the current templates that are set up, delete templates, create new templates, and view the freight table for each template.

To create a new template click on Add New Template. A window will popup. Enter the Template Name and Description then click add.

To Delete a template click the Delete button.

To view the freight table click on Freight in the row of the template you wish to view. This will bring you to a new page that shows the freight table for the template. The first row that should be create should have a Order Start Value of 0 and the Order End Value should have some really large number like 999999999 to ensure that all orders will get a freight amount or freight code assigned to it.

To delete a row in the table click on the delete buton.

To add a new row click Add New Freight then specify the start value, end values, type, amount, and freight handling codes. Then click add. The Order Total Start and the Order Total End is the range the cart total will have to be in to get get assigned this freight amount or freight code. Type can be Absolute value of percent. Absolute will assign the amount as the freight amount. Percent will use the amount as a percent to get from the order total and assign that value as the freight amount. Freight Handling Codes should be entered as comma separated values.

To edit click on edit and a box will popup. Edit the values and click save.

Templates are stored in the K-Rise table EC_FreightTable_Templates and the freight table is store in EC_FreightTable.

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